Poppy’s River – Midyear review, documentation and artist statement

Within this body of work I am presenting a series past events that inform a

meta narrative based on my interaction with the small northern town Kaeo.

Several deluges have affected Kaeo Valley, altering the landscape. In 2007

rising water in the floodplain frightened families with 228 properties

threatened. Evicted homes still remain with evidence of previous families

inhabiting them.

I have developed the work through accumulated conversations and

investigations from visiting Kaeo. These have informed the unfinished

inventories left behind by those who have moved on.

In returning to the community, I intend to share my encounters in the form of

a public workshop, sharing the experience of reconstruction rather than

preexisting relics.

Lea Schlatter, 2014. Poppy’s River [two photographs, sculpture, variable

dimensions]. Collection of the artist.

LSCH Assignment 6  (1)_Page_2

LSCH Assignment 6  (1)_Page_3

LSCH Assignment 6  (1)_Page_4


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