– Intergenerational Poetry Workshop with Whau The People –


This is one of three different projects we have been working on that aims to bring different generations together to create.

Poet Amanda Eason has been running writing workshops at Avondale College and Rosehill Gardens Retirement Village, and has been joined in the project with letterpress printer and bookbinder Bruce Grenville and photographer Lea Schlatter.

The Writers: Shirley Beveridge, Jessica Boey, Matthew D’Souza, Iris Guevarra, Dorreen Hatch, Tausala Leiataua, Xavier Loretz, Jay McConnell, Nola Morgan, Laura Prahash, Phyllis Robinson, Abhinay Salvaji, Margo Scorey, Yashna Shetty, Jenny Taylor, Beverley Warren and Wilma Woolmore. Also, special thanks to the Whau Local Board and the Whau Arts Broker for supporting this awesome project.

“I haveĀ taken these images on 35mm in two different locations and made into an installation for the reading where the two generations finally met each other. The reason for my chosen medium was to set up a situation to connect with both generations during my own self development. I had some fantastic conversations as I made a connection with each individual, talking about their stories and the crossovers between the pieces of text.”



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