Keepers – The Creative Souls Project

About the Keepers Initiative      Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 12.13.11.png

The Keepers Initiative is a project that started after a group of young Avondale Intermediate students teamed up with The Creative Souls Project with a mission to reduce the plastic bag waste coming from our local Sunday Market.

This group of students and D from TCSP spent time experimenting with materials, recycling items, testing out printing methods and creating their own logo.

Since the Keepers Initiative started just over 1 year ago the project has been passed on to a fresh group of year 8 students from Avondale Intermediate.  This group and The Creative Souls Project have hosted Makers Days supported by the community to create as many of these bags as possible.

The goal is now to work towards getting these reusable veggie bags out and in use by as many veggie shoppers as we can.

Support group of young social entrepreneurs and get your Keeper bags now.







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